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BuddyPress Posts On Profile

Plugin requires WordPress 3.6! It will not work in WordPress 3.5.X
If you find this useful please considering making a donation of a couple of dollars to help support my developing time. Donations can be made by clicking here! Every dollar helps. DOWNLOAD NOW

Running a WordPress Site with a front side blog that your users post to? This plugin provides your users with a tab in the BuddyPress Profile which displays all the users Posts.

  • Upload the “TCH-BuddyPress-Posts-On-Profile” to your wordpress plugin directory (/wp-content/plugins/)
  • Activate the plugin through the Plugins tab in your WordPress Admin Panel.
  • Thats it there is nothing to configure and nothing else to do.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Does this plugin work for multi-site / network installations
    This plugin has only been tested on stand alone installations.
  • I see the tab for “My Posts” but all that is in it is a message that says “Sorry, this user has not published any posts.”
    That means the user doesn’t have any published posts. Tell them to get writing!

* Initial Release *

  1. 4ella

    Hi, I have latest 1.7.2 version of Buddypress and latest version of wordpress but all I see is the tab for “My Posts” but without any post in it even if those members has 5 , 100 or me 1000 posts

    • 4ella

      I forgot to say is it updated ? still working ?

      • Avery Z Chipka
        Avery Z Chipka07-18-2013


        The plugin was built for one of my sites specifically. Would need to see your site to be able to give you a better answer. Its worth noting that the site it was built for is running the new beta of WordPress.

      • Avery Z Chipka
        Avery Z Chipka07-18-2013

        Also worth noting there is clearly some other conflicts on your site since you have users who joined a week ago and there is activity being shown for them from 43 years ago. Feel free to email me and we can see about getting the issues resolved.

  2. James Davis
    James Davis07-16-2013

    Hello Avery,

    I am trying to get this to work for my site http://fitnessblogger.net

    I have just downloaded your plugin but my site is multisite so not sure if that is causing a problem ??

    The “My posts” tab appears as seen here http://fitnessblogger.net/perform_rev/

    But on clicking I get a 502 bad gateway error ??


    Is there a way to make this link to the users author page instead ??

    example :http://fitnessblogger.net/author/perform_rev/

    Would really appreciate any help on this one

    Thank you in advance


    (Also posted this on Buddypress.org)

    • Avery Z Chipka
      Avery Z Chipka07-18-2013

      The pluggin was built for the current beta version of wordpress and buddypress. If you are using the non-beta that might be the issue. Could also be a conflict with another plugin you have installed.

  3. James Davis
    James Davis07-18-2013

    Hi Avery,

    Thanks for the reply,

    I am just looking at trying to download the WordPress beta on my staging site now….

    I will let you know how it goes 🙂

    If I can get this working I will make sure I send over a donation

    Kind Regards


    • Avery Z Chipka
      Avery Z Chipka07-18-2013

      If once you have installed the beta it still isn’t working let me know and I will help you get the issue resolved. The offer of that donation always helps get hands on attention when things don’t work right ;p

  4. Adam Campbell
    Adam Campbell08-19-2013

    Hey Avery (my son’s name, btw)… I have never been able to get this to work. Is it something simple I’m missing? I’m running WP 3.6/BP 1.8.1.

    The plugin is looking for /members/username/posts/ but should be looking for /author/username/.

    Is there any way i can fix this? This is the one missing piece for my site… please tell me this is doable.


    • Avery Z Chipka
      Avery Z Chipka09-22-2013


      I am sorry you are having problems with the plugin. I wrote it specifically to address the needs I was having on one of my sites. Sounds like we are using a different directory structure then you are. You can adjust the path in the plugin file and that should resolve the issue.

  5. brian

    so the tab appears however it does not seem to be calling my wordpress author page, it just adds ‘posts’ to the end of the url giving me a 404, it should be going to author/username, I can see that the slug is defined and there is a query_post in the functions below but it seems to be trying to add the slug and not using the function. i hope this makes sense and I hope you can help soon. Thanks so much!!


  6. Gregg Housh
    Gregg Housh03-05-2014

    For anyone getting the 404 problem, it is actually an easy fix. There is a } in the wrong place.

    At the bottom of the file you will see two } together. Delete one of them. Then right above this line put one back in “// show feedback when ‘Posts’ tab is clicked”.

    That fixes the 404. You should also add wp_reset_query(); under the get_template_part line.

  7. ThatGuyThere

    The plugin link doesn’t work anymore sadly

  8. Thijs

    The link is dead 🙁

  9. Ashley Young
    Ashley Young03-27-2015


    As said above the link no longer works, can you fix please? Thanks 🙂

    Also, can I change this code to show a custom post type instead?

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