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Commands to Make Yosemite Suck Less

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Yosemite (Mac OS 10.10) may well be one of the best updates to the Mac Operating System in a long time and it has a huge number of backend changes that makes life a lot easier. While some of these changes are great for the average end user the may be super annoying for the IT people or those who spend there days doing coding work. This simple collection of command line command will help make your life with Yosemite better.

The majority of the commands listed must be run with super user commands, your best option is to either login as the “su” user from command line or execute “sudo -v” prior to starting to enter these commands, this will cause all the commands to be run as the super user account.
General User Interface Setting
Accessories and Input Devices Settings Settings Settings

Did I miss a command that should be included? Use the comments section to let me know so I can get it added to the list. Is there a setting you find annoying and want to know the command to change it, again use the comments to get the answer!

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Avery Z ChipkaBorn in central Vermont, Avery has spent is life exploring the wonders of nature. When he isn't off in the backcountry he can be found behind the keyboard digging through lines of computer code.View all posts by Avery Z Chipka →

  1. dr shoeshine
    dr shoeshine10-17-2014

    Yes. If you know of a command that allows users to select a different system font, or even resize the system font, please post it. (Pretty please.)

    I had to wear reading glasses with the Mavericks system font (Lucida Grande) on a 21.5 inch screen. Now the font is iPhone-sized, which is just ridiculous: how about some proportionality there, Apple? You can choose to increase font size on the phone, but not the desktop?

    Even my lousy work PC with Windows 7 lets me choose the display font size. Helvetica is dreadful on a desktop screen.

    • Avery Z Chipka
      Avery Z Chipka10-19-2014

      Are you referring to the the font size in finder? If so from finder go to View -> Show View Options you can set your font size from there. Additional options for increasing usability for vision related issues can be found in System Preferences -> Accessibility.

  2. keith

    Can u send me that script…. Thanks for all the great tips too, just got my hosts file working because of another guide i followed of yours… thanks!!!

  3. Ray

    Nice and thanks.

    My list:
    Kill notification center.
    Kill all that slows down start-up and shutdown.
    Make discs eject properly when the dumb thing decides to sleep.
    Appears wifi is lost when the screen sleeps. Yes, even in the middle of an Apple update. Seen it on 2 Macs so far.
    Sleep enabled for FireWire drives.

    While you’re at it, update Snow Leopard to some of Yosemite’s capability (not “features”). Sell it and you’ll make a fortune.

    • Avery Z Chipka
      Avery Z Chipka08-10-2015

      Code for disabling the notification center has been added above. Its in the general user interface section.

  4. Angel Torrado
    Angel Torrado11-28-2014

    Great post man. Great appreciated. Good job!

  5. Jeremy Heesu Sohn
    Jeremy Heesu Sohn12-05-2014

    Extremely helpful! Thanks a lot!!

  6. robert

    do you happen to know any way to get back to the Mavericks version of spotlight? the yosemite version is not my cup of tea. I’d like to have all the rest of Yosemite but turn that “feature” back to the old mavericks style.

  7. zomars

    Can I get the script file please?

  8. Eliot Gelwan
    Eliot Gelwan12-25-2014

    Thanks for all the work! Can you send me the script. Much obliged.

  9. Tim

    Can we move the Notification window from the top right corner of the screen to somewhere (ANYWHERE) else? All those notifications that appear when you wake from sleep (calendar reminders, Facebook stuff, new emails)… they’re handy, but they’re ALWAYS in the way! Drives me insane…

  10. Jaap van der Veen
    Jaap van der Veen12-26-2014

    Can you send me the script file?


  11. Tommy

    Great post. Could I get a copy of that script you mentioned?
    Many thanks.

  12. Jordan

    Great info, thanks for putting this together.

  13. Andrew Teoh
    Andrew Teoh12-26-2014

    Hi. Great post. Could you send me the script?


  14. Petr K
    Petr K12-26-2014

    Thanks for this post.
    One future is very needed: make tab bar in Safari always visible.

  15. Carharttkiddo

    I usually use Safari in fullscreen mode. One thing that annoys me is to move the mouse down twice so i can use the dock

  16. Carharttkiddo

    Excuse me for double posting.
    Another thing that bothers me, is when i want to watch a youtube video in fullscreen safari creates a space for it. It’s no longer the way it used to be

  17. Sean

    The copy paste protection on this blog is super annoying. Why? So what if a few people “steal” your secret OSX commands? The whole point of your post is to make your computer easier and less annoying to use, then we’re forced to type in every single fix by hand?

    You should man up and post this on on Github. When you’re good, you’ll make money, even if others pirate your precious shell commands.

    • Avery Z Chipka
      Avery Z Chipka02-11-2015

      Its not about protecting the super secret OS X commands there is nothing secret about them. Its about providing a simple reminder to those who copy other posts to provide credit where credit is due. If you have an issue with it feel free to go find content somewhere else.

      • Jaime

        Totally agree with you – credit where is due don’t hurt anybody. Keep up the good work!

  18. Matt

    Why go through the effort of making people request the script? Why not have this blog link to a public gist with the commands easily copy-able?

  19. Jason

    I agree with the others. This is great information and I too would appreciate your script. I do have one suggestion. If you can provide the requisite command that resets these settings back to their default values, it would be helpful in the case that someone finds that they prefer the default setting.

  20. Mike

    I would like a copy of this script. Thanks for the hard work in putting this together!

  21. g

    thumbs up!

  22. Tyler

    I’m an amateur user of the command line, but I’ve been unable to get these to work despite using sudo or writing them in a sudo -s bash. I’ve also tried relaunching the relevant applications after executing the commands, which also hasn’t shown any sign of changes being made.

  23. Suricato

    Cool shit, thanks!

  24. Eliyahu Skoczylas
    Eliyahu Skoczylas02-15-2015

    Thanks for taking the time to collect all of these tips in one place.
    Can you please email me the script, or a link to some public repository like BitBucket or GitHub?

  25. YankDownUnder

    Good stuff, thanks brother.
    …no complaints from my side of the pond. 🙂

  26. Tony

    Nice article !
    for some reason the command for keypress rate doesn’t seem as fast for Yosemite as it was for Mavericks.
    The rate on my Mavericks laptop is way faster than my iMac running Yosemite.
    Is this because of a Glitch in the OS or did they decide to throttle down the rate for some odd reason.

  27. Jedediah Smith
    Jedediah Smith08-10-2015

    Was so excited when I found your website…until I tried to copy and paste a command into the terminal window. Your fear of having others copy ‘your work’ (really just a compilation of commands written by others) has made your site UNUSABLE. I’m not going to type the commands, that is ridiculous! Terrible idea to append what you’re calling copy right information to the commands!

    • Avery Z Chipka
      Avery Z Chipka08-10-2015

      Ya its not a fear of others coping my blog posts, as it has happened multiple times. The work referenced is actually not so much this post but the countless other posts that have been ripped off and reproduced by people who believe that copy and paste is the solution for making content for websites.

      “I’m not going to type the commands, that is ridiculous!”, I apologize for not taking your laziness into consideration when I took time out of my day to put together these commands as a reference for people like you who did not know how to solve a problem they where encountering.

      Ive considered multiple times writing up the code to exclude the code blocks I provide from the copy paste rule. Then I get a comment from someone who is completely ungrateful for the information even being provided and it reminds me how much I enjoy reading comments from people about how having to actually type something out is to much work for them to manage.

      Even with that being the case I went ahead and adjusted the code to make it possible to select code blocks.

  28. Bomber Bob
    Bomber Bob11-07-2015

    Hey. Thanks for reading my comment; and thanks for the post, I appreciate it.

    I don’t like the new Mission Control in Yosemite. Is there a way to force the desktop to zoom out with Mission Control like it did with 10.9/10.8/10.7?

    –Bomber Bob

  29. Emilio

    HELP, every time i use the Bluetooth command the Audio connection is fine but after a few hours if i open my macbook again it doesn’t work any more. The sound sucks and the connection stops the hole time.


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