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Food Stamp Challenge Day 5 & 6

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Budget Overview
Remaining Budget Allowance: $481.34
Grocery Spend: $8.54
Non-Grocery Spend: $40.00
Remaining Balance: $433.80

Remaining WIC Fresh Allowance: $82.87
WIC Fresh Spend: $6.13
Remaining WIC Fresh: $76.74

Remaining WIC Allocation:

  • x3 Gallons of Milk
  • 2.5 Gallons of Juice
  • 8 Blocks of Cheese
  • 2.5 Dozen Eggs
  • 2 Loafs of Bread
  • 4 Boxes of Cereal

With dinner on the 4th being a completely failure with the undercooked fried chicken, I had to make it up to Casey with something she had been asking for by her count for more then 3 weeks, take away Chinese food.

Breakfast on both days was the same as always. For me it would be coffee, toast, and a smoke. Casey & Megan would have cereal like normal.

Megan had some left over pasta for lunch, with a hot dog and Casey skipped lunch since she was working.

Saturday night dinner would be the above mentioned Chinese food for Casey & I, while Megan enjoyed her all time favorite chicken nugget happy meal from McDonalds.

On Sunday because we were out and about we stopped at a pizza joint for lunch were Casey & I had pizza slices and Megan had some pasta.

All of the above mentioned meals out and about were deducted from our standard food allocation. I think this is more then far because there is no way we would spend as much eating at home as we do out, so if anything eating out punished us from a funds standpoint in the challenge.

For dinner on Sunday night we had Pasta W/ Sauce and Sausages and a salad. This dinner brings up an interesting note because normally I make sauce from scratch but the decision of pasta wasn’t made until late in the day so I had to resort to canned sauce. Most people just take can sauce and dump it in a pot to warm it up, but with a few minutes of time you can make can sauced almost as good as homemade. Simply add some fresh tomatoes, italian seasoning, and italian parsley. Its not going to be as great tasting as homemade but its certainly better then your traditional pasta sauce from a jar.

Doing these posts every single day seems a bit insane cause its time consuming to do them and also becomes boring for readers. So posts are going to simply change to weekly recaps instead of detailed day by day posts.

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