Day To Day Adventures

All work and no play makes Avery a dull boy! Check out recently checked off items from my Bucket List. Some are little things and others are massive but no matter what they are its always a fun read.

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In The Spotlight

Everyone has things they absolutely love, and I have a lot of them. Check out In The Spot Light for the latests in reviews, featured bloggers, cool pins from Pinterest and other things I felt that absolutely everyone should know about!

Have something you think is worthy of the spotlight, drop me a line today!

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A Natural World

Spring has arrived and that means its a great time to be outside. Check out these awesome posts for tips and educational activities to take advantage of this wonderful time of year.

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Bits & Bytes

Feeling nerdy? Look no further, find new posts on tec related topics!

For the new or experienced bloggers you will find content about SEO, the latest tips & tricks, social media integration and even content ideas.

For the mac geeks out there we have you covered with detailed how to's for Yosemite.

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Flavor Favorites

From my kitchen to yours, a good meal can change your outlook on the entire day! Check out these recipes from The Chipka House Kitchen!

New Recipes are posted all the time, just in time for you to enjoy in the coming week!

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Stay up to date on all the things you didn't know you wanted to know, and get entered in monthly drawings for cool give aways! August will include give aways for some cool survival items!

  • OS X El Capitan 640x359

    Disable “rootless” in Mac OS 10.11 El Capitan

    With the release of Mac OS 10.11 right around the corner, those who are used to being able to make changes to the backend system may be surprised to find that El Capitan now runs “rootless”. Essentially meaning that by default you are no longer able to utilize the root user or sudo / su commands to bypass permissions! The intent of this “feature” is to make it nearly impossible for hackers or poorly written software to corrupt your system and leave it unable to operate. For the average user this is a great feature, but for developers it can be a bit of a nightmare.

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Starkist Chunk Light Tuna

$25 in Cash or $50 in Starkist Tuna the choice is yours!

What would you say if I told you that you could have either a $25 check or $50 in Tuna delivered right to your door? If you have purchased Starkist Chunky Tuna anytime in the last six years you can! As it turns out every time you have purchased that $0.25 5oz can of Starkist tuna you where actually only getting around 4.95oz or so. Yes you heard right in an effort to save money StarKist shorted the entire world by a few tenths of an once in your overly pricey can of tuna. Well someone sued them and in this world where you can get a settlement for your coffee being hot, he actually won the suit!

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Rosemary Bacon Mushrooms

Rosemary Bacon Mushrooms Recipe

Mushrooms are one of my all time favorite things to cook with. What better way to express the wonders of food than turning a fungus into something wonderful and tasty. These mushrooms are great as a stand alone side dish, or make the perfect topper for that steak or burgers that just came off the grill!

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Binary Code Jigsaw Puzzle

Creating an RSS Feed with an offset in WordPress

Mailchimp is a powerful platform for sending out html based email newsletters, and even includes the ability to create automated emails from your blog through the RSS feed, there is only one major flaw in the Mailchimp RSS based mailing system. Mailchimp lacks the ability to offset your RSS feed. Offsetting would allow for the ability for your most recent blog post to be featured and include an image, while also providing a list of other recent posts, but in a different format, such as with no image or no excerpt.

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Watershutoff Featuredimage

Essential Skills – How to shut off your Water service

Knowing how to turn off your water is an essential skill for protecting your home when your away or when an emergency such as a hurricane, tornado, or similar event is about to occur! In this post you will find easy to find directions on how to turn off your water. If you and your entire family don’t know the procedures for turning off your water, it only takes a couple of minutes to teach everyone in your house.

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A Beginners Guide to Urban Every Day Carry (EDC)

If you have spent time on the internet looking up survival information or details on being prepared when things go wrong you will see the phrase EDC or Every Day Carry. Even if you have never thought about it before you already have a EDC Kit. An EDC kit is simply the things that you carry on you every day as you go about your normal routine. While men have always kept an assortment of things on their person women are the true masters of EDC. The female purse is much like santa’s bag of presents, regardless of how small it may be the bottom seems to connect to another dimension where things just appear. For those who do not carry a magic bottomless purse the choice of EDC items is critical unless you want to look like inspector gadget and be wearing a bat belt around everywhere you go.

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Basil Plants 800px

Parsley & Basil Pesto Recipe

We have been blessed with some pretty awesome Basil Plants this year! One of the secrets to getting giant basil plants is trimming them on a regular basis. There is nothing better to do with the trimmings than make some killer fresh homemade pesto!

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