Day To Day Adventures

All work and no play makes Avery a dull boy! Every Monday stop in and check out recently checked off items from my Bucket List. Some are little things and others are massive but no matter what they are its always a fun read.

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On My Honor

Scouting is at tradition that has been part of my life since I was a young boy.

Today I remain actively involved with the Boy Scouts of America at a District Level and check out these posts related to scouting and the wide range of skills it provides.

Updates every Tuesday!

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Durham Tobacco District

Fun In The Triangle

Do you reside in the Triangle (Durham, Chapel Hill, Cary, & Raleigh)? Looking for something to do this weekend? Drop by on Wednesdays and check out what cool event is going on in the Triangle this weekend!

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In The Spotlight

Everyone has things they absolutely love, and I have a lot of them. Check out Thursdays In The Spot Light for the latests in reviews, featured bloggers, cool pins from Pinterest and other things I felt that absolutely everyone should know about!

Have something you think is worthy of the spotlight, drop me a line today!

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A Natural World

Spring has arrived and that means its a great time to be outside. Check out these awesome posts for tips and educational activities to take advantage of this wonderful time of year.

Updates every Friday!

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Bits & Bytes

Feeling nerdy? Look no further, every Saturday you will find new posts on tec related topics!

For the new or experienced bloggers you will find content about SEO, the latest tips & tricks, social media integration and even content ideas.

For the mac geeks out there we have you covered with detailed how's for Mavericks.

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Flavor Favorites

From my kitchen to yours, a good meal can change your outlook on the entire day! Check out these recipes from The Chipka House Kitchen!

New Recipes are posted every Sunday just in time for you to enjoy in the coming week!

Subscribe today to get them delivered right to your inbox!

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Stay up to date on all the things you didn't know you wanted to know, and get entered in monthly drawings for cool give aways! August will include give aways for some cool survival items!


Survival Rules of 3

Anyone who heads into the outdoors should, at minimum, know the survival rules of three’s. This set of rules provides essential information about your immediate needs and the priority that items should be addressed in a survival situations. This post includes a great infographic to help you learn the rules.

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Preparing the Beef Jerky

Homemade Beef Jerky Recipe

Our local grocery store was recently having a sale on london broil that resulted in it costing like $8.00 for …

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Broken Down Car

Automotive Emergency Kits Check List

The average american spends nearly 800 hours a year in a automobile and cover more than 18,000 miles during that time! With all that time spent in our cars you would think everyone would store the things they need to deal with an emergency occurring while they are on the road but you would be wrong. In fact only 1 in 5 automobiles on the road today have an emergency kit in the car, and of those cars that do have them it’s safe to assume the majority of them are most likely not actually sufficient to resolve even the most basic problems encountered while on the road. What is really scary about the 1 in 5 cars having an emergency kit, is that in many remote areas of the country this average is 2 in 3 or higher. While some areas have high numbers areas like Durham, North Carolina have the reverse at 1 in 25!

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Crime Scene Tape

Removing your Home from Google Street View

If someone was sitting out front of your house studying the layout of your yard and home you would be …

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RavPower Luster Mini

RavPower Luster Mini

I picked up one of these on a whim one day when I was shopping on amazon. It popped up …

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Reflection on Social Media

Across the different social media platforms I have more than 25,000 friends and followers, yet I am lonely. I speak …

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